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Painting agent of preventing nitride

Directions for use

  1. Please remove cutting oil and scale before applying this agent.
  2. Please make this agent into paint form by stirring. And paint evenly on the face of metals. (thickneess:1~2mm)
  3. It takes 12~24hours for natural drying in a low humidity room after applying paint.
    In the case of enforced drying(about 200℃), it is dried for 20~30minutes after natural drying.
  4. This agent is removed by hot water after quenching. (about 20minutes by around 90℃ hot water)

preservation/the method of administration

・Please keep the can’s up side down in a low temperature and humidity.
・The solvent may become thick by volatilize from repetitive closing motion. In this situation, please dilute this agent and stir.

Package style

HGSN-S: 5kg×6cans(30kg) ・Dilution liquid: 4ℓ×6cans(24ℓ)

Caution note

  • Insufficient preliminary washing have a bad influence for prevent nitriding effect.
  • If you use a lot of these agents, these may stuck on a smelting furnace.
  • This agent is “Inflammable-keep out”
  • Inefficient stirring has a bad influence for prevent nitriding effect.
  • You should paint this agent twice if you paint it for more than 2mm depth.
  • This agent does not sink much. However, please stir it if you let it for more than 5minutes.
  • Inefficient painting has a bad effect for prevent nitriding effect.
  • The face of metals dries fast, but the inside takes some time.
  • Inefficient drying has a bad effect for nitriding and a smelting furnace.
  • If you dry by force, please let out steam. There is a potential for explosion.
  • Pouring a lot of dilution liquid has a bad effect for prevent nitriding effect.
  • This agent dries slow on high humidity day by water’s effects.
  • This agent may stripped and cracked by water’s effects.
  • Please do heat treatment fast after confirm the agent is dry.
  • Please pay attention for water’s effect if you dry it by force.
  • Shower cleaning is effective for this agent.