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Dye exclusive use of iron and steel black agent.

(USE: iron, mild steel, quenching)

Way to make black films.

  • Please clean the face of metals by acid or remove grease.
    If the metals gather rust, you neutralize with acid.
    If the metals stick oil, you remove oil with a cleaner.
  • Please mix solid “Black light” (1kg) and water(0.4kg). (in case of SB 1:0.374)
    Please pour it to the bathtub.
    And please heat it to boiling point(145±5℃) by gas burner or pipe heater.
    The black films are made, if you dip goods which are hung on a rack or put in a basket in the bathtub for 15~30minutes.
    Please clean black films right away by water.
    Several metals have a difference on dipping time.
    If you dip metals long time, the metals will be irregular.
    If you dip many goods once, the bathtub’s temperature will rapidly go down. And the metals will be irregular.
    Please wash metals in order to remove a solution from concave point.
    Please fix mark of solution’s quantity to the bathtub when solution’s temperature reach to boiling point.
    And water vaporize from solution so, you supply water to bathtub, in order to know condition of solution.
    If the boiling point is low, you supply this agent to bathtub.
    If the boiling point is high, you supply water to bathtub, in order to know conditions of solution.
  • Please dip metals in the heat water(80~100℃)
    And please dry it by residual or hot wind.
    Please paint rust defend oil on the goods which are dried perfectly.
    And the black films are completed.