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Salt Bath Agent

Characteristics of salt  bath

Salt Bath Agent

Salt bath has quick heating rate and keeps heat. Low temperature’s salt has good cooling capability. It is the most suitable agent for maruquench and austemper. Steel prodcuts are heated by molten salt. So problems (oxidation, decarburization,etc) doesn’t occur. The face of the prodcut have been beautifully maintained after heat treatment.

The name
of product
fusion working temp
Ti100 127℃ 135~500℃ low temperature’s salt agent maruquench for steels(hazardous substance)
Ti100MS 140℃ 145~550℃ low temperature’s salt agent maruquench for steels(non hazardous substance)
Ti410 430℃ 450~700℃ preheat use (looks like austemper) is optimum for high speed quenching.
Ti600 625℃ 680~900℃ heat and quenching use for steels.
Ti900 920℃ 960~1300℃ heat and quenching use for high speed steels.

Salt Bath agent for marquench, marquenching Ti100MS


Fusion about 140℃
Operating temp limit 145~500℃
Specific gravity 1,8
Specific heat 0,36cal/g℃
The main components KNO?(potassium nitrate)50%
NaNO?(sodium nitrate)50%

preservation/the method of administration

・This agent has deliquescence, so please store this agent at a low humidity place.

・This agent has combustion aid, so please don’t bring this agent close to fire.

Caution note

  • These agent’s raw materials are hazardous substances. However, these are authorized as non hazardous subsutances by the examination of the fire lows by our company’s manufacture.
  • Please do not (more than 550℃) overheat this agent. If this agent is overheated, it will issue NOx gas.
  • Please do not pour in sodium cyanide during salt bath. If you pour in, the salt bath may explode.
  • Please let out steam of this agent by using exhaust pipe.
  • For further details of this agent, please refer to MSDS.